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Hand Injury Cases – Results

Over a quarter of a billion dollars in recoveries for our clients in the past 10 years

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*$2.5 Million Settlement for Recycling Plant Worker’s Arm & Hand Injury – A recycling plant worker’s left forearm & hand were amputated by shredder machine that did not have a guard. While the worker attempted to clear a paper jam from the output end, the machine grabbed the worker’s glove, pulling his entire arm into the shredder machine. Galfand Berger personal injury attorney Richard M. Jurewicz, Esquire settled the case for $2.5 million.

* $2.25 Million Jury Verdict for Factory Worker’s Hand Injury – A worker in a pet food factory suffered a near amputation of his left hand when it was caught in the unguarded hopper door of a mixing machine. The case, handled by Galfand Berger products liability attorney Richard M. Jurewicz, Esquire resulted in a verdict of $2.25 million.

* $1.475 Million Recovery for Conveyor Belt Injury – A 36-year-old maintenance mechanic for Tasty Baking Company, was working in the Philadelphia factory when he noticed that one of the belts on a transfer conveyor was out of alignment. He reached beneath the machine to feel the tension on the belts and stuck his right hand into the conveyor belt’s drive shaft gearing, causing fracture injuries to his wrist. The parties agreed to a settlement of $1,475,000. The case was handled by Richard M. Jurewicz, Esquire.

* $975,000 Recovery for a Machine Injury – A machinery operator sustained crushing injuries to his right hand when it was caught in an unsafely guarded industrial paper-rewinding machine.


* $850,000 Settlement for Construction Worker in Industrial Walking Stilt AccidentA construction worker suffered fractures of both elbows when he fell and landed on his outstretched arms using poorly designed industrial walking stilts.* $800,000 for an Electric Shock Injury – A housekeeper received a shock from an electric range that resulted in shock-hyperemia to her right forearm because the electrical contractors failed to properly ground the power cord of the range.

* $800,000 Settlement for Factory Worker in Paint Applicator Machine AccidentOur client was using a rag to clean paint from an applicator and pick up rolls that were part of the machine when his hand was dragged into the machine’s in-running nip point.

* $731,817 Jury Award for Hand Injury in Printing Press Accident – A mechanic employed by a printing company, had his hand crushed between the rollers of a printing press. His left hand was drawn into the in-running nip point between the in-feed drive cylinder roller and the idle cylinder roller. His hand was crushed.

* $700,000 Recovery for Hand Injury Products Liability CaseThe trial, presided over by Judge William Tully, involved a faulty printing press machine which caused significant hand injuries to a worker.

* $662,000 Recovery for a Farming AccidentA farmer accidentally fell into an unguarded auger of a forage blower and severely mangled his left arm.

* $650,000 Verdict for a Riding Mower Accident – A homeowner was operating a riding mower when the mower rolled backwards down a hill, flipped over, and the rotating blades amputated three of the rider’s fingers. Verdict was entered against the lawn mower manufacturer.

* $625,000 Settlement for Factory Worker in Rotating Machine Part AccidentOur client was a twenty-four year old assistant machine operator who suffered a degloving hand injury caused by a rotating machine part. The hand injury case settled at mediation for $625,000.

* $625,000 Recovery For Hand Injured In Inadequately Guarded MachineryThe factory worker at an industrial manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania was using the manufacturing equipment at issue, when his right hand was caught between a rotating part and a fixed metal beam.

* $510,000 Settlement for Industrial Can Filler AccidentThe plaintiff, a butcher, suffered multiple fractures of his right arm after the sleeve of his jacket became caught on the rotating power take off shaft of an industrial can filler.

* $500,000 Hand Injury Settlement for Laborer in Flash Drying Machine AccidentOur client, a 21-year-old laborer employed by Custom Processing Systems, was working with the JOD/Flash Drying Machine on the date of the accident. While walking to the rotary airlock our client tripped over a scale and his hand went up into the airlock resulting in a traumatic hand injury.

* $500,000 Recovery for Amputated Digits – Our client lost several fingers while using a metal band saw designed without proper safeguards. We recovered $500,000 for our client.

* $460,000 Settlement for Crushed Arm & Wrist in Bottle Filler Machine Accident – Our client’s right arm and wrist were crushed by a moving part inside a bottle filler machine.

* $450,000 Settlement for Machine Operator in Rotary Die-Cutter Accident – Our client suffered fractures to the ulna and radius bones of his non-dominant left arm when he reached down into a Ward Rotary Die Cutter, to brush away the scraps.

* $425,000 Settlement for Food Production Worker in Conveyor Belt AccidentOur client suffered from fractures to both fingers and a degloving injury to the tissue of her left hand when working near a conveyor belt in a pierogie plant.

* $420,000 Settlement for Machine Attendant in Flash Dry Oven AccidentOur client suffered partial amputation of the ring and pinky fingers of his left hand as a result of the flash dry oven defective as designed because it did not contain an interlock on the oven guard.

* $400,000 Verdict for Machine Cleaner in Pie Crimping Machine AccidentOur client was working as a machine cleaner for Mrs. Smith’s Frozen Pies for 9 years preceding the accident. Our client suffered a crushing injury to his left hand that required four surgeries, two of which were to remove scar tissue, and significant residual functional impairment to his left hand as a result of the accident.

* $400,000 Settlement for Temporary Employee in Centralized Vacuum System Accident Our client’s thumb and forefinger were struck by the impeller vanes inside the rotary airlock, causing a traumatic amputation of half of our client’s thumb and index finger.

* $350,000 Settlement for Production Operator in Conveyor Belt AccidentOur client underwent surgical amputation of the tips of his right middle, index and ring fingers as a result of the accident.

* $325,000 Settlement for Machine Operator in Automated Cell Line AccidentThe plaintiff, a 44 year old machine operator, suffered a fracture of his non-dominant ring finger that eventually required amputation after the finger was crushed by the hold down clamp on an automated cell line.

* $325,000 Settlement for Wood Worker’s Hand Injury in Wood Shaping Machine AccidentA wood worker, using wood shaping machine, defective as designed, sustained fractures of the index, long, ring and little fingers of his left hand and was left with permanent impairment of his left hand. The products liability case was settled before trial for $325,000.

* $300,000 Settlement for Wire Processing Machine Injury The plaintiff, a 47 year old machine operator, suffered a fracture of her right distal finger while operating a wire processing machine.

* $298,000 Settlement for Laborer in Cold Core Box Accident – Our client was a 48-year old laborer employed by a temporary service and assigned to work as a core room helper at a foundry. His right wrist was crushed in the clamping area of the cold core box machine.

* $275,000 Recovery for Partial Finger Amputation – Our client worked as a lead operator on a printing machine. As he attempted to shut down the machine to remove a paper jam, our client’s hand became caught in an unguarded nip point on the machine. He suffered agonizing partial amputations of two fingers. In the end, as a result of his skilled advocacy, Peter Patton, Esquire resolved this matter before trial for $275,000.

* $270,000 Settlement for Amputated Fingers in Blending System AccidentOur client operated a mixing hopper that became jammed and when he attempted to troubleshoot the source of the jam, he leaned on the metering basket, causing the a valve to close and shear off a portion of his left index and long fingers.

* $250,000 Settlement for Machine Operator in Web Applicator Machine AccidentOur client was a 44-year-old machine operator who was in charge of operating a web applicator machine & reached under the machine’s guard when his left hand was pulled into the cut-off cylinder, which lacerated his left pinky and ring finger.

* $250,000 Settlement for Process Technician in Vitamin Drier AccidentOur client, a 38-year-old process technician reached into a vitamin drier machine at which time the tips of his long, ring and index fingers were lacerated by the rotary impeller blades.

* $150,000 Recovery for Machine Injury – A laborer lost the tip of his thumb in an industrial machine when the machine cycled unexpectedly. Defendant, the manufacturer of the defectively designed machine, blamed the employer for the resulting injury. The matter settled for $150,000.

* Six Figure Recovery for a Hand Crush Injury – Our client worked on a box-forming machine. The machine jammed. After a co-worker pushed an emergency stop button, our client reached in to clear the jam. Unfortunately, the button did not completely shut down the machine. As a result, a metal plate on the box-forming machine moved back and pinned our client’s right hand against the base of the machine. Henry Yampolsky, Esquire was able to resolve this matter for a confidential, six-figure settlement.

* Confidential Settlement for Worker in Meat Press Machine AccidentOur client was a 52-year-old worker in a meat processing plant who was operating a bacon press machine. While his hand was inside the machine, our client’s finger slipped off the reset button and the compression plates closed on his right, dominant arm, causing multiple fractures.

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