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Galfand Berger LLP: Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers Focusing on Hand Injuries


Have you Suffered a Serious Hand or Arm Injury?

Your ability to earn a living and provide for your family may depend on your ability to use your hands. If you have suffered a debilitating injury to your hand, arm, wrist or elbow as a result of an auto accident, malfunctioning equipment or machinery or work-related accident, the personal injury attorneys at Galfand Berger, LLP will fight to obtain the compensation that you deserve.

Hand and arm injuries caused by serious trauma can result in fractures, burns, and amputations leaving the victim significantly disabled. An injured hand or arm can often have serious consequences including permanent pain, loss of work, loss of ability to care for one’s family, decreased ability to play with children, inability to participate in sports/activities and many more. These consequences will affect a person mentally, physically and financially.

You may be entitled to monetary damages as a result of your hand injury.  Whether you have been injured as a result of an auto accident, slip and fall, or burn, or you have been injured at work due to unguarded or improperly guarded machinery or equipment, our hand injury lawyers are experienced in representing clients through settlement or trial.

  • Step 1: Free Hand Injury Case Evaluation – Once you request a free case evaluation, one of our attorneys who specialize in hand injuries will contact you to discuss the specifics of your case. During our call, we will ask you about the facts surrounding the events leading up to your hand injury and the details of the injuries you suffered.
  • Step 2: Working with Your Hand Injury Attorney – Once we have all the facts, we will discuss whether you have a viable case. If it is determined that you do, your hand injury lawyer will start building your case by collecting relevant information so he or she can re-enact the situation when the injury occurred before a judge or jury.
  • Step 3: Hand Injury Settlement or Trial – Your case will continue until your lawyer can negotiate a fair settlement or your case goes to trial. While we handle all cases as quickly as possible, the length of time varies from case to case. Keep in mind – it is crucial to collect as much information as possible before presenting your case because once you settle your claim, you cannot go back for more money if you realize your injuries are more severe than you initially believed.

In order to receive money for damages, you must show that someone else was responsible for the injury. That someone or company could include:

  • the designer, manufacturer, seller or installer of machinery or the equipment which caused your injuries
  • or someone whose carelessness or negligence contributed to your accident and injury

Your Philadelphia hand injury lawyer can help you determine what parties were responsible for your injuries and what damages you may be able to recover.

In many situations, you must consider whether your own carelessness may have contributed to the accident. Often, even if your own mistake did play a role in the accident, you can still receive partial compensation from the other party who was also partly responsible for the injuries you sustained. During negotiations, you and the other side’s insurance adjuster will negotiate who bears the greatest responsibility for the injury and how much you can be compensated for it. The Philadelphia personal injury lawyers of Galfand Berger can help you get the maximum compensation for your injuries, even if you do carry partial fault.

Here are some examples of clients we have successfully helped to receive compensation for their hand injuries:

  • Our client was a twenty-four-year-old assistant machine operator who suffered a degloving hand injury caused by a rotating machine part. The hand injury case settled at mediation for $625,000.
  • Our client, a mechanic in his late fifties employed by a printing company, had his hand crushed between the rollers of a printing press. As he began to stand from a crouched position in front of the press, our client slipped and his left hand was drawn into the in-running nip point between the in-feed drive cylinder roller and the idle cylinder roller. As a result, his hand was crushed. A jury awarded our client $731,817 after a three-day trial.
  • A Dauphin County jury returned a verdict for over $731,000 in a recent products liability case that involved a faulty printing press machine, which caused significant hand injuries to a worker. The injured worker needed surgery on his fingers and as a result of the accident he has minor loss of range of motion in two of his fingers.
  • An unguarded shredder machine amputated a recycling plant worker’s left forearm and hand. When the worker attempted to clear a paper jam from the output end, the machine grabbed the worker’s glove, pulling his entire arm into the machine. Galfand Berger personal injury attorneys settled the case for $2.5 million.
  • A worker in a pet food factory suffered a near amputation of his left hand when it was caught in the unguarded hopper door of a mixing machine. The case, handled by Galfand Berger products liability attorney Richard M. Jurewicz, resulted in a verdict of $2.25 million.
  • A maintenance worker whose hand was caught in a sprocket on an unguarded conveyor recovered $1.475 million.
  • A machine operator sustained crushing injuries to his right hand when it was caught in an unsafely guarded industrial paper-rewinding machine and recovered $975,000.
  • A construction worker suffered fractures of both elbows when he fell and landed on his outstretched arms while using poorly designed industrial walking stilts.
  • A housekeeper received a shock from an electric range that resulted in shock-hyperemia to her right forearm because the electrical contractors failed to properly ground the power cord of the range.
  • A food-processing worker recovered $850,000 because of a poorly designed guard on the meat mixer he operated.
  • A farmer accidentally fell into an unguarded auger of a forage blower and severely mangled his left arm.
  • A homeowner was operating a riding mower when the mower rolled backwards down a hill, flipped over and the rotating blades amputated three of the rider’s fingers. A verdict of $650,000 was returned against the manufacturer of the lawn mower.
  • Our client worked as an assistant machine operator and was using the manufacturing equipment at issue when his right hand was caught between a rotating part and a fixed metal beam. The products liability case was settled at mediation for a total of $625,000.
  • Our client’s right arm and wrist were crushed by a moving part inside an automated bottle filler machine when he reached into the filler station, attempting to remove a jammed bottle while the machine was in operation. The personal injury case settled before trial for $460,000.
  • A wood worker who was using a wood-shaping machine, which was defective as designed, sustained fractures of the index, long, ring and little fingers of his left hand and was left with permanent impairment of his hand. The products liability case was settled before trial for $325,000.
  • The plaintiff, a 47-year-old machine operator, suffered a fracture of her right distal finger while operating a wire-processing machine. The defective machinery case settled on the eve of trial for $300,000.
  • Our client was operating a mixing hopper when it became jammed. He attempted to troubleshoot the source of the jam and leaned on the metering basket, causing the valve to close and shear off a portion of his left index and long fingers. The personal injury case settled before trial for $270,000.

Our attorneys are experienced in representing victims of serious hand injuries. We are happy to answer any questions and review your case for free. Please call us at 1-800-222-USWA (8792) or complete our short contact form and a member of our firm will contact you.

With offices in Philadelphia, Bethlehem, Lancaster and Reading, we serve clients throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. And, remember, there is no fee unless we recover for you.