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About Our Firm

What happens when you or a loved one suffers a hand injury? These accidents have life-altering consequences. Your health, your job, your family, and your security are all at risk.

You need a law firm for some of life’s toughest challenges. Galfand Berger helps injured people. We have been doing it since 1947.

It is our firm’s privilege to help restore dignity and security to people hurt as a result of hand injury.

In fact, our personal injury lawyers have extensive experience, and successful verdicts and settlements, in advocating for the rights of individuals who have suffered hand injuries. The legal team at Galfand Berger have published numerous articles discussing hand injuries and their success has been the subject of numerous publications. Please take the time to read some of the articles below written by our attorneys about hand injuries and the legal aspect of work place accidents and construction injuries.

Hand Injury Articles by Galfand Berger Attorneys

Statutory Employer Defense In Pennsylvania Third-Party Actions: Plaintiff’s Perspective by Richard M. Jurewicz, Esq. & Arthur L. Bugay, Esq.

Overview of a Products Liability Case by Richard M. Jurewicz, Esq.

Ethical Considerations When Dealing With Plaintiff’s Treating Physician by Richard M. Jurewicz, Esq.

Effective Discovery in Construction Accident Litigation by Richard M. Jurewicz, Esq.

Designing Machines Safely by Richard M. Jurewicz, Esq.

A License To Kill: Statutory Employer Immunity Puts Workers In The Danger Zone by Richard M. Jurewicz, Esq.